The Hash House Harriers

Click here to read about the history of the Hash House Harriers which was started by expatriate Brit's in Kuala Lumpur in 1938

Rowdy's History of Hashing

I first started hashing in February 1997 with the Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers when I was working on an assignment in Cyprus. I turned up for their usual Tuesday evening run, not knowing what to expect. They were a good bunch of people, a mixture of both Cyprians and ex-pats, who welcomed me and taught me about hashing. I fell in love with hashing and have been doing it ever since.

When I returned to the UK in March 1997, I started running with the Guildford Hash House Harriers, being the closest hash to my home and who I regard as my 'home hash'.

I worked on an assignment in Houston, Texas, for many weeks (months!) during 1998 and have visited there a number of times since for both work and pleasure. Whenever I am in Houston, I try to run with the Houston Hash House Harriers who are a great bunch of people and always make me feel welcome, whether on their 'home turf' in Houston or at hash events around the world.

I have also worked on assignments in Dubai, UAE, for many months (years!) since 1992 and have also visited there for both work and pleasure many times since. I first ran with the Dessert Hash House Harriers in April 1999 when on a 6 month assignment there and have run with them whenever I can when I'm in Dubai. The Desert is the hash with whom I have run the most times out of all the hashes I have run with, achieving 50 runs in August 2001. I have many happy memories (and some memories that are second hand!) of times spent with Desert hashers at both hash and non-hash events.

I am presently working on an assignment in Syria where I am based in Damascus and I am run with the Damascus Hash House Harriers, another great bunch of people.

Other hash groups I have run with include:

'Hashing' has been a great way for me to meet lots of wonderful people in many places around the world that it is unlikely I would have met otherwise. They have made my life of travelling for work (which is not as glamorous as many people who do not have to travel for work think!) a wonderful experience.

Rowdy's Hashing Photo Gallery

The Inaugural Mt Kinabalu Full Moon Hash 1998

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